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    Chicken DIY Guides Frustrated by...

    ... The high cost of a pre-built
    chicken coop?

    ...The lack of complete (from start to finish) Chicken Coop Plans?


    Just like you, I started with an online search to see where I could buy a chicken coop.

    Video - What you MUST Know about Chicken Coops...

    Can You Build Your Own Chicken Coop?

    Easy To Construct With Common Hand Tools So Those With Little Prior Carpentry Experience Can Accomplish
    Easy Step-by-Step Instructions So That Anyone Can Easily Follow
    Clever Design and Simple Construction So Techniques Are Not Complex
    Built From Inexpensive Common Materials So It Would Be Available At Any Local Hardware Store
    Raised From Ground Level So The Chickens Would Be Safe From
    Predators and Cold Damp Soil
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  • Make Egg Collection and Cleaning Easy So Everyday Tasks Would
    Not Be Back-Breaking
    Attractive Appearance So You Will Not Offend Neighbors
    Plans Can Be Scaled So You Can Accommodate More
    Hens If So Desired
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    Easily Customizable Design So You Could Add Your Own Creativity

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    How much money can you save?

    Before you start...

    Chicken Coop Diagram

    What if I’m not the “Handyman Type”?

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    What is Included in the
    Chicken DIY Guide?

    #1 DIY Guide

    The DIY Chicken Coop Guide

    Three Categories of Coops:

    Designed to be tucked away in your backyard without taking up too much space.

    This Category accommodates up to 5-7 chickens.
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    Small Chicken Coop



    Designed for those who are ready to take on more chickens but still don’t want to lose half their yard to the cause.

    This Category accommodates up to 8-12 chickens.
    Small Chicken Coop



    This Category accommodates up to 16-24 chickens.



    Bonus Material!

    DIY Guide (Bonus!)

    “Video Library”

    This is a must have for your Raising Chicken Education!

    We have put together some of the most informative and helpful online videos you will find anywhere.

    Here is a sampling of some of the videos you can watch in our Online Video Library:

    DIY Guide (Bonus!)

    We’ve written 4 Special Reports that will help you have healthy and happy chickens for years to come. We’ve included both the basics as well as techniques that only experts with years of experience raising chickens know and use. Enjoy these 4 special reports when you order today.

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    Small Chicken Coop Box

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    Small Chicken Coop Box

    #2 Guide

    Learn Which Chicken Breed is best for your Lifestyle and Climate

    Small Chicken Coop Box

    #3 Guide

    How to Build an Incubator andIncubate your Chicks

    Small Chicken Coop Box

    #4 Guide

    How to Build a Chicken Brooder and Requirements of Brooding Chicks

    5 Good Reasons To Get
    Your Chicken DIY Guide

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  • Testimonial
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    remove disc price tomorrow

    Frustrated If you get stuck or have any questions, we want to help. We want to see you succeed and tell your friends about ChickenDIYguides. Let’s face it, when your kids friends see the chickens in your backyard, they will be begging you for information on how to order this guide.
    Apart of our ongoing support to you, we provide a comprehensive list of resources and support. This includes an interactive forum where you can ask your most detailed questions and get answers quickly.

    Customer Coop Contest Monthly Winner

    Now the fun begins!

    Mary Nelson


    ChickenDIYGuides is in PDF format and can be downloaded instantly after payment! Even if it is 3am.

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